LAIA Ventures is developing
effective and feasible responses
to the challenges of future cities.

Our activities are focused on 2 areas:

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City planning and Urban design

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Smart city technologies and services

We bring urban planning and ecology together to increase the sustainability, health, and inclusiveness of our future generations.

About Laia Ventures

LAIA uses technology and design to democratize citizens' well-being, improve our natural ecosystems, and revolutionize the urban landscape.

LAIA Ventures is developing some of the best projects of LAIA Lab NY, with the aim of transforming them into fast-growing products or businesses.

In turn, we collaborate with large academic institutions and specialized accelerators to find the best future engineering projects and services.

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to housing innovation
and sustainable urban environments

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to user-friendly city design
and internet of thing solutions

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to resource and energy efficiency
and smart mobility and logistics

Rethinking the city

55% of the world's urban environment for the 21st century has not yet been planned or built.

Shouldn't we ask what kind of future cities we want?

New York expansion. © 2019 Landboxes by LAIA Lab

Developing new services and solutions

LAIA innovates in the digital and physical realms through urban systems, services and products that improve cities, the ecosystem that we inhabit, and human interaction.

Urban planning

Most of today's cities were designed for the automobile expansion of the mid-20th century, and as a result, nearly 40% of urban land is used for vehicle circulation. One of LAIA's premises is that the human environment cannot continue to be designed or built in this way.

Systems integration

Urban services and systems are designed and integrated in cities independently and disjointed. LAIA investigates a holistic integration of these to make the city an intelligent, adaptable, and affordable space for human needs.

Logistics revolution

The management of parcels in urban environments is still done today in the same way as thousands of years ago, by hand. LAIA develops technologies and systems for the logistics revolution of the 21st century, through the automation of all processes, replacement of humans in delivery, abandon of single-use packaging, and other disruptive notions.

Improved environment

To be sustainable we must be much more efficient. LAIA Lab explores urban efficiency in a 360º vision, with initiatives in the fields of energy, water, waste treatment, proximity production (4.0 industry and indoor farming) and intelligent environments development through IoT and AI technologies.

Investing in innovation

We invest in companies developing scalable products and services under our philosophy for the future city.



Landboxes is a state-of-the-art land reclamation system, formed by a variable group of concrete mega structures with integrated smart-city services.

It is designed to achieve better performance than dredging in terms of economics, ecological impact and social. At the same time, it is a complete constructive all-in-one solution. | WEBSITE


LML Systems

A super-efficient last-mile logistics ecosystem, through fully automated processes, for a radical change of the urban logistics business, and its entire environment.

LML Systems provides revolutionary benefits for logistics players and its customers, helps sustainability significantly, and offers new business opportunities. | WEBSITE



Carbon designs solutions to make 3D production challenges possible at any scale.

Its DLS technology allows engineers and designers to iterate faster, deliver projects with less risk, and radically reimagine their products by introducing consolidated parts, impossible geometries, and programmable lattices. | WEBSITE


Bowery Farming

Bowery Farming is a company dedicated to the development of technologies and production of indoor farming in urban environments.

Its proprietary software system uses synthetic vision, automation, and machine learning to continuously monitor plants and all the variables that drive their growth. | WEBSITE